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Hydra-Fill 3D Hydration Set

Enjoy a resting, glowing look, visibly smoother skin and more even complexion for a youthful radiance.

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Non-invasive Cosmetology

theFaceFace treatments

theFaceFace treatments will give your skin time to pause and breathe. Come for a personalised experience to our studio in Berlin Kreuzberg within the beautiful calming sourrounding of Yoga Sky Berlin.

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Our Treatments & Massages - exclusively in Berlin.

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You are beautiful just as you are.

21st century treatmens for 21st century people

Cosmetic nowadays is often very invasive not respecting the natural circle of live. We want to help you to look stunning in each phase of your life.

No matter whether you skin is sensitive, oily, natural, whether you have concerns like acne, rosasea or esperience pimples or redness, we have the solution for you and tailor your daily routine to your needs.

Only if cleansers, facial cremes & sprays, concentrates, serums and masks are adapted to your skin type you can glow and shine for the people around you.

theFaceFace team will change your life. We will review your current routines, check your products and establish a beauty plan, which fits to your needs. Try it out.