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Prebiotic Therapy for Rosacea and Redness Skin TREATMENT (60min)

Prebiotic Therapy for Rosacea and Redness Skin TREATMENT (60min)

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First treatment incl. 30€ Meder beauty science voucher

Location: Yoga Sky, Berlin

Duration: 60min

RED-APAX: Prebiotic therapy for rosacea and skin redness with immediate calming effect 


Purely natural skin treatment with prebiotics and organic plant extracts for reducing redness and skin sensitivity as well as treating rosacea subtypes 1 and 2 (facial redness, bumps and pimples).


Organic plant extracts instantly calm the skin and suppress inflammation, while also strengthening the facial capillaries. Prebiotic creates nutrient medium for healthy microbiome and decreases the growth of pathogenic bacteria.


Quick reduction of redness, inflammation and discomfort, decreased sensitivity and irritation, healthier looking skin.

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Cancellation Policy - Dear theFaceFace customers, please understand that you need to give 24h notice to cancel a scheduled appointment. We block the time slot especially for you and prepare everything. If you cancel later we will need to charge you the 25€ of advance payment. Thank you for your understanding.