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Online Skin Consultation - Prerequisite to Buy Most Professional Products (60min)

Online Skin Consultation - Prerequisite to Buy Most Professional Products (60min)

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The consultation includes a 30€ Voucher.*

What can I expect from an online skin consultation?


Once you have secured your time slot you will receive an email containing some preliminary questions to your skin. This is how we can really prepare ourselves for the appointment and it save valuable time. We will as well ask you to make some profile photos without make up and of your currently used products to see whether they fit your skin.


During our 1-hour video consultation, we perform a thorough skin diagnosis: We discuss your skin and any existing problems and analyze your skin care routine you do at home. Together we look at your current cosmetic products and their ingredients, your medical history, if applicable, and what else you can do to have beautiful skin.

All this gives us a complete picture. Based on that we give you product recommendations from our own portfolio or as well different brands, which you use already.

Also feel free to prepare yourself with questions that we will be happy to answer.


You will receive a detailed follow-up email with our recommendations and links to products from theFaceFace online shop. We will upload as well the summary and your future beauty routing to your beauty space on

Here's what you'll learn and go through together:

  • Which mistakes you are doing on daily basis within your skincare regime

  • Which skincare products are suitable especially for your skin concerns

  • The sequence, in which you should use your beauty products

  • How to apply skincare products correctly

  • Your beauty plan for the next 3months

* with a minimum purchase of 50€

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Cancellation Policy - Dear theFaceFace customers, please understand that you need to give 24h notice to cancel a scheduled appointment. We block the time slot especially for you and prepare everything. If you cancel later we will need to charge you the 25€ of advance payment. Thank you for your understanding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marieve Hassabis
Can not recommend enough!

Tatiana is a very committed professional, who was able to pinpoint the mistakes I was making in my skin routine and correct them. The products she recommended are simply amazing. I contacted Tatiana out of despair because I had been suffering from seborrheic dermatitis for years and was getting no satisfying solution from dermatologists. After 4 weeks of my new routine everything has cleared up and I have not been suffering from any flares to date. Simply miraculous.

Very useful and helpful information ! Highly recommend!

Im very surprised, but this consultation online totally made me structured and I finally have an idea with my Beaty routine !
Thefaceface was recommended to me by my friend that I haven’t seen for a while, but has a such glowing skin.. I have sensitive skin, also prone to acne, I was chasing all my life for a corrrect skin care and now I’m using both products and tips that I found here !!
The information was given very professionally and I was left feeling overwhelmed with all the details and tips all tailored for me personally)
That’s totally worth it!! There is no better way to buy skin care , but always with personal consultation))

Professional and very helpful

I had an online consultation with Tatiana. I can just recommend her professionalism and insights about not only skin, but also day- to day skincare and tips. Tough online, it was very effective and detailed explanation + next steps. Thank you!

So happy for the advice and knowledge

I learned so much about skincare and my own skin during the consultation! Tatiana has so much knowledge, and she's really good at explaining what happens in the body and how it affects the skin, and what kind of solutions there are. You don't get this kind of individual and thorough help in many other places! Thank you!

upgrade your routine

Thank you so much for the amazing help, Tatiana! If you're ever in doubt about what products to pick and don't want to spend on stuff that might not suit your skin, I totally suggest you get in touch for a quick chat and some super helpful advice. You'll get easy tips on how to upgrade your routine.