Hi, I’m Tatiana.

I am a CIDESCO-qualified beautician, based in Berlin. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve great results for their skin easily and effectively.

Through our online skin consultation, we help you find the right professional products for your individual skin condition and concerns. We offer non-invasive treatments to tighten and naturally rejuvenate the skin.

The combination of an improved at-home skin care routine with the right products for you and professional treatments from theFaceFace will make you fall in love with your skin all over again..

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Arma-lift is a non-invasive rejuvenating treatment for mature "tired" skin.

This treatm on Instagram
Niacinamid or vitamin B3- is a cosmetic ingredient with proven efficacy.

Niacinamid is a universal  on Instagram
SPF tips: 

Sun is the main trigger for: photo-ageing, pigmentation and primarily for people with se on Instagram
Hydra-fill is a non-invasive deep
hydration,stimulation and filling of the skin. on Instagram
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Give your skin time to pause and breathe. Photo by @alexanderf.scher on Instagram
Red-apax is a prebiotic therapy for skin with rosacea and damaged vessels, it can be used in any sea on Instagram
Skin & swimming pool:

In a swimming pool, our skin is attacked by two factors:

- water
- chlorine
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Myo-fix treatment. 

World’s first effective non-injection mimic wrinkles correction:

- mimic wrink on Instagram
All we need is love!🕊 on Instagram