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Arma-Lift Age Well SET (contains 3 products)

Arma-Lift Age Well SET (contains 3 products)

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Arma-Lift Age Well Set for ageing, mature skin with fine lines and deep folds.

Suitable for

Suitable for Dry, Normal, and Oily Skin

How it works

Our best-selling age-well concentrate, Arma-Lift is combined with enzyme exfoliator and Arma-Lift sheet masks in Arma-Lift age-well Set. Restore your skin’s natural protective and regenerative properties, slow down ageing, including inflammaging and glycation ageing with the skin care regime packed with apple stem cells, prebiotics, plant-based growth factors and other fantastic age-well ingredients.

Arma-Lift age-well Set for mature and ageing skin contains:

Enzy-Peel Double-action Exfoliating Mask with rich shea butter, probiotic enzymes and natural silica particles (safe for world ocean and gentle on your skin!).

Arma-Lift Concentrate, new and improved formula to help your skin age-well.

Arma-Lift Mask to tighten sagging skin, increase firmness and elasticity, while also boosting skin regeneration (very handy if you’ve just had laser).

Key Ingredients

Please see in the specific products descriptions.

How it looks

1. Enzy-Peel Double-action Peeling Mask (50ml) - white odorless cream with abrasive particles.

2. Arma-Lift Concentrate (30ml) - transparent odorless gel.

3. Arma-List Masks (5 pieces) - fabric mask made of unwoven bamboo fiber impregnated with transparent odorless matrix gel.

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How to use

Exfoliate weekly with Enzy-Peel Mask. Apply Arma-Lift Concentrate to your whole face every day, morning and night. Use restorative Arma-Lift Mask once a week for firmer and more elastic skin and brighter complexion.

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